We offer equipment, products and technologies to help to improve farm efficiency and animal welfare. Competence and innovation are the guidelines that have always guided our path. Today we are leaders in Italy in the production of semen extenders for swine artificial insemination, specialized in the printing and customizing ear tags for livestock animals and a reference player in the trade of equipment for the livestock and veterinary sector.

With the aim of offering a service of excellence in every area of the livestock market, Medi Nova has organized its offer in two divisions: Artificial Insemination and Animal Identification. The same business philosophy is declined in two sectors capable of responding with maximum effectiveness to the specific features of both sectors.

From the origins to the future.
A history of growth and evolution

1997. In the mid-nineties was born Medi Chimica, a small family business with great ambitions: to become a reference in the production of semen extenders for swine artificial insemination.

2007. Medi Chimica, after having assumed the definitive name of Medi Nova, became the first Italian company in the pig sector to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification. An important goal, which enhances the quality of company growth.

2009. An important year for Medi Nova, starts a prestigious collaboration, still active, with the Parma University.

2014. From research with the Parma University, Medi Nova patents the FORMULA line of boar semen extenders. An innovative line based on controlled energy release and antibiotic reduction.

2016. On the occasion of the twentieth year of activity, Medi Nova inaugurates a new headquarters, an expression of increasing attention to environmental impact, the enhancement of work well-being and energy sustainability.

2017. In addition to the collaboration with the university regarding the study of new semen extenders, the company improves the quality of the products introducing into the industrial production equipment for monitoring the homogeneity of the mixed raw materials.

2018. Medi Nova starts an industrial research doctorate with the University of Parma, with the aim of developing a new semen extender without antibiotic.

2020. The collaboration with the University remains and the search for eco-sustainable products that represent a high contribution to the current environmental and health problem of the livestock sector continues.

Medi Nova has a quality system certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, since 2006.

The purpose of such certification results to be:

“Formulation and production of semen extenders and systems for swine artificial insemination. Marketing of own brand laboratory equipment for swine artificial insemination. Marketing and servicing of animal breeding products and equipment.”

All business processes are constantly monitored by strict protocols of work and all the staff Medi Nova is involved in periodic audits.

The decisive factor for the quality system is also the selection of suppliers and continuous control on raw materials.

Medi Nova is therefore very careful to the needs of the market and very important for the achievement of the quality of the product is the contribution from our customers, because their every need is analyzed by the company.