ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION: The secret of your success.

Medi Nova has achieved a high level of specialization in the development and production of boar semen extenders. In this market sector, which represents for us the main business in terms of turnover, our extremely specific know-how translates into products and services of unexceptionable quality for the end customer.

In particular, our line of boar semen extenders, thanks to an extremely advanced technology, guarantees an unprecedented preservation of semen. The result? Excellent performance, obtained through a safe preparation, which gives a permanent energy supply.

The privilege of innovating together with the University of Parma.

Since the beginning we have invested a lot of resources in research, convinced that it represents the main way to make perfect formulations and the design of increasingly effective products. It is with this in mind that in 2009 a prestigious project of collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Parma began.

This collaboration has led to the creation of extremely advanced formulations, now protected by a patent. Over the years the relationship with the University has gradually consolidated and today we are proud to employ some of the best resources coming from the faculty. Not only that, we have chosen to place one of our professional figures within the University itself, to make the collaboration path even more concrete: an important investment, which testifies to the solidity of our commitment.

In 2016 we further intensified the partnership, with the aim of further raising the standards of innovation. Soon we will be able to launch a new line of products on the market, the result of targeted research undertaken in recent years.

Swine semen extender Line: FORMULA
FORMULA, a cutting-edge technology that improves performance thanks to an innovative modulated energy source.
FORMULA LINE Introduction
For technical information on the Formula semen extender Line:

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Not only Formula… Medi Nova semen extenders for swine
Basic Formula with improved nutritional and anti-bacterial components.
Perfect anti-bacterial combination for medium-term conservation.
Designed to reduce the cell metabolism of spermatozoa in conservation to the maximum.
A range of services to support you in every aspect.

From the diagnostic equipment to the essential instrumentation to structure an optimal laboratory, up to specific software that provides an automated speed assessment, of movement and seed concentration, we are at the customer’s side to ensure efficient and profitable breeding management under all points of view.