Pig semen analysis

A software created for automatic semen analysis.
The SCA Motility and Concentration provides automated assessment of sperm concentration and motility classification by the capture of 500 spermatozoa on 2/3 fields using 1 second per field.
The software automatically calculates the sperm concentration and the percentage of sperm in the sample by motility classification: progressive, motile and non motile.

The automatic analysis results include the parameters:

VCL: curvilinear velocity
VAP: average path velocity
VSL: linear velocity
ALH: amplitude of lateral head
STR: straightness of the line above the average VSL / VAP
LIN: linearity of the curvilinear trajectory VSL / VCL
WOB: oscillation of the trajectory compared with the average of the trajectory
BCF: beat / crossing frequency (beat scourge / s)


The SCA Morphology module provides automatic assessment of normal or abnormal sperm following the existing standard criteria or used defined.
Sca Morphologyassessed detailed data for each sperm such as area, perimeter, width, length, axis of the sperm head and shape.
Based on the parameters of ellipticity, elongation and surface roughness is also possible to calculate the percentage of acrosome on the total area of the head and the characteristics of the intermediate portion.

It is also possible to perform chemical and physical analysis on the semen.


  • monitoring the quality of semen produced in the company’s laboratory
  • ability to act quickly on any problems encountered on the material analyzed
  • identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the company laboratory
  • objectivity and repeatability of the results obtained through external laboratories
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