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Multi Matic HSW Syringe for vaccinations

Original Henke dosage syringe for multiple dosing of livestock. Innovative and ergonomic design. Excellent handling, durable pressure cast aluminium handle. High- tensile medical grade plastic barrel with metal needle attachment, resistant to all know medication. UV-resistant. Exceptionally accurate dosing, tolerance < 1%. Easy dose setting via 0,5 ml (25 ml) or 1 ml (50 ml) dosage wheel. Easy to disassemble. Biocompatible. Cylinder – autoclaved (sterilisable at 134 °).

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Available versions

Multi-Matic syringe 25 ml, 0,5-2,5 ml dosage
Multi-Matic syringe 50 ml, 1,0-5,0 ml dosage