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Scanner WED-3000V for animals

The ultrasound WED-3000V is the ideal tool for veterinarians in their dual work in the field or in the office.

Ultrasound scanner with a small LCD display 5”, intuitive menu and removable long-life battery.

Equipped with a 6.5 MHz rectal probe in the standard configuration, can also be supplied with other optional probes such as 3.5 MHz convex probe, micro convex 5.0 MHz and 7.5 MHz linear.

This ultrasound scanner is the optimal choice for use in clinical diagnostics on all animals and pets.

In order to obtain a handy and compact electronic technologies have been used SMT and FPGA.

Equipped with video output for connecting to printers or video screens (ambulatory use) and USB high speed to transfer the images stored in the field.

It has zoom multistep allowing readings on 16 different depths.

Comes complete with battery charging network, cable plug for charging extra battery and protective bag for use on the wrist.

The instrument and all the additional equipment is supplied in a case lined with suitable material to the impact protection.

Battery charger available (code 3947036).

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Available versions

Portable scanner WED-3000V
Convex probe 3,5 mHz
Linear probe 7,5 mHz
Rectal probe 6,5 mHz
Microconvex probe 5,0 mHz

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