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SUS semen extender for conservation of pig semen

Composition with special formulation. Non sperm-toxic specific antibiotic component. Automatic production line in protective atmosphere. Analytic grade (FU) and high solubility raw materials. High anti-bacterial power. Osmotic potential and controlled ionic balance. Top level results for up to 7 days storage. Clear, easy to prepare, foam free solution. Quality control on raw materials and on any production batch in chemical and microbiologic laboratories as well as in vitro. Warranty of package integrity and complete traceability of any production batch, from raw materials to packaging. SUS is sterile packaged and has a 12 months guaranteed stability if stored at +2 °C to +8 °C, allowing for better stock management. Improves boars management and optimises laboratory duties as its long fife time allows activity planning. Ideal protection of seminal material in summertime. Physiological cell metabolism of spermatozoa. Optimisation of motility and vitality parameters of seminal material. Reduces spermatozoa agglutination. Protects endometrial mucous.

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SUS extender for 1 lt
SUS extender for 5 lt

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